Installation of LAWA

LAWA is distributed as release to be downloaded from the project-site at sourceforge (download lawa).

LAWA is currently bundled with a slightly modified version of FLENS. In the long term the minor modifications will be integrated into FLENS so that the standard version of FLENS will match the LAWA requirements. For the moment a suitable FLENS comes directly with LAWA.

The installation of FLENS and LAWA on a Unix-like system (the only ones we give installation support for) takes the following steps:

  • Download and extract the release from the sourceforge download site. This will result in two folders in the current directory:

  • You have to set two environment-variables pointing to the two project roots:

    export FLENS_HOME=/path/to/the/flens/installation
    export LAWA_HOME=/path/to/the/lawa/installation

    Probably you should place these two lines in one of .bashrc or .profile depending on your system to have the variables set automatically.

  • Perhaps you have to/want to change some things in the config-file in the main directory of LAWA-lite. Here you can choose different settings for

    • the compiler you want to use

    • additional compiler flags

    • debug mode/release mode/profile mode

    The config-file is the only place where you can/should change such settings.